Who’S Best Divorce Lawyers For Mothers?

The Best Divorce Lawyers for Mothers At the top of our list is a firm with 30 years experience handling divorce, including domestic violence and custody cases. In addition to helping mothers who have been wronged by abusive partners, they also help fathers get equal time in child-rearing decision making decisions.

Avvo has named them as one of the best divorce lawyers for moms because “they’ve handled many complicated divorces that involved issues such as abuse or substance abuse.” They are known to be sympathetic towards mothers who have been broken by physical or emotional abuse from men, and their work has helped thousands find peace after devastating losses. Reviewers praise them saying “anyone looking for a great attorney will know this firm.”

They do an excellent job representing women’s interests in family court matters since most judges tend to side with female clients when it comes to custody disputes involving children. The law firm takes pride in being able “to provide sincere representation” throughout all phases of a case For more information on Avvo’s recommendations click here .

Whom should you choose? The answer depends on your situation and what kind of lawyer you want. If you’re seeking guidance from experts who understand how trauma can affect relationships between parents, reach out today! You don’t need any special training or skills but we suggest Googling ‘best divorce lawyers’. This should give you plenty of ideas about which attorneys would be best suited within your circumstance:

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