Who Are The Best Litigation Lawyers For Transvaginal Mesh In Orange County?

I had my mesh implant removed after being diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain. I was interested to see if anyone else has had this experience.? – M.L, Orange County CA

My husband and I went to a lot of doctors for 4 years before finally finding out what the problem actually was.. It took almost another year of testing before they found out it wasn’t cancer or anything else but our insurance company wouldn’t cover him getting it replaced because he didn’t have any issues prior to the surgery… We were both on disability at that time though so there really wasn’t anything we could do about it until he got off his disability once he received his first check…. Anyways, keep in mind that this is all second hand information from me as well as my hubby’s side of things but here are our experiences: – He experienced major pain every single day afterwards-it started right away after surgery.. On day 2 he couldn’t walk very far without feeling like someone was stabbing him in the abdomen… Day 3-4 months later (we’re now over 9 months post op) he still can barely walk without feeling like someone is stabbing him in the abdomen everyday 🙁 My hubby moved into an apartment recently which means no more long trips across town just to get treatment which is good news!! But due to not having enough money most times we can only afford one visit per month where they take xrays then give us subcutaneous injections for two weeks straight(they go through them

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