Which University Is Best For Lawyers?

SUSAN: Harvard and Yale, I think. Actually, I don’t know which one is best for lawyers. They’re all good schools. What kind of law do you want to practice?

BOB: Not sure yet. Maybe criminal defense or bankruptcy law or not-for-profit law or maybe international business law . . .

SUSAN: No, no—I mean what kind of lawyer are you? Are you going to be a trial lawyer or an appellate lawyer? If it’s something like civil litigation then Stanford is the place because they have a lot more by way of first year seminars on that subject area than most places do where first year students don’t get much help from their professors in those areas until senior year at least. You can also take courses through outside institutions as well as Stanford’s own Law School that deal with those topics as well if your interest really focuses on those subjects rather than on some other aspect of the field—like constitutional rights issues for example—which might end up being different from what your interests would be otherwise so it makes sense to pursue them anyway even though these classes aren’t part of your major requirements since there will be many cases coming up during your career which involve these very same topics so why not learn about them now if possible before starting out on a career path which may require knowledge acquisition later anyway! But again this is just me throwing around ideas here and thinking aloud about how things could work out but obviously I

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