Which Programs Are Best For Pi And Medical Malpractice Lawyers To Run In??

[QUOTE=Lazarus;23540158]I just really want a 64 bit, I hate the Asus motherboard. And speaking of that one, is it better to buy an AMD or Intel mobo?[/QUOTE] I have had no issues with the AsRock board. It’s been great for me and my overclocking needs. For gaming purposes though, I think i’ll go for an intel board as they are typically more reliable than amd boards so long as you don’t overclock them too much.

[IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y73/Chad_McAkiskis/DSC05561-1_zps0f9d7cf6a5c89b2e77efce8461441fbc00e4d-1_.jpg[/IMG][/url] What do yo’all think about these: [URL=”http://www.newegg.ca/ProductDisplay?Item=N82E16813155310″]Intel DQ67SW Motherboard – GIGABYTE 4 Socket LGA 775 (Socket T) DDR2 800MHz EVO Dual Channel Memory Technology Support Intel Core 2 Extreme / Pentium D Processor Sockets – Retail* | Newegg Canada http://www.msi-usa….l#/?refurbishedSellers:[/URL][URL=”http://www

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