Where The 1980’S The Best For Lawyers Being Employed?

It’s a question that has been asked for at least a decade. The late Larry Sabato wrote about it in his book “What Ifs” and even the New York Times Magazine did a long essay on this subject back in 2004, titled “The Disparate Sexes of Law.”

While there is no good answer to the question, I would venture to say that if you look across all professions today women are making strides toward equality with men. In law school approximately 50% of students were female and approximately 39% have gone into private practice as attorneys over the last ten years. That compares to 38% who went into private practice 10 years ago at BPPH . While not every woman will go into private practice as an attorney, those numbers seem consistent with those from previous studies regarding other professions. Perhaps those numbers can be used as evidence that things have gotten better for women in the legal profession during my lifetime? It may be time for another study!

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