Where Is The Best Employment Opportunities For Lawyers?

Here are some of the most interesting findings in the survey:

• The top five cities for lawyers include New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Of course, these are all large metropolitan areas with many job opportunities to be had there. But if you want to get away from it all but still be close enough to commute back home every day, consider smaller metros like Phoenix or Nashville that have plenty of high paying jobs available! • Not surprisingly, California is the second-most popular state for legal employment (just behind Texas), especially in its major urban centers including Los Angeles County and Silicon Valley. What’s more surprising is that Texas was ranked 13th out of 50 states. I’d say that Texas has a lot going for it as far as opportunity goes… except when it comes to finding work! • This category should come as no surprise either—lawyers who live near their clients tend to do better financially than those who must travel great distances because they can’t find good legal positions around them! Unfortunately, only 16% of attorneys surveyed actually live within 5 miles of their current client base while just one percent lives within 10 miles. Given how much time lawyers spend on the road during an average week doing business with friends or family members, this statistic might explain why so few ULS respondents reported being happy at work today despite having lots of financial success professionally… And think about how long it will take your career

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