What’S Best Apps For Lawyers Inipad Pro??

Best app for lawyers? I need something to help me with my law school work, but not all apps are legal related. Thanks! Update: http://i.imgur.com/8IYgGQC.png Best App For Lawyers?!? – Solving Homework Problem by Haitham Alhathalieh on 2019/01/14 11:50 I’m currently a student that is working towards getting his Juris Doctorate degree in the United States of America and am having trouble finding an excellent application for my studies which include researching cases, court documents, statutes & codes as well as posting trial notes & briefs onto various social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit amongst other things so i decided to create this post so that others may find similarly problematical apps or programs that they can use whilst studying law online where possible if there are any out there please let me know ?updates will be made to this thread shortly If you’re just stumbling upon these questions now (and you should read them at least once), then here’s some information about what we tried out over the past month or two, talking up how it went along with our own experiences / thoughts on each one…

So far LegalRacer has been one of the most useful applications we’ve used during our studies at university (although you’ll probably recognise quite a few names from previous posts). It was especially useful because it allowed us to track everything down into specific areas like discovery

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