Whats A Benefit For Being One Of The Best Lawyers In America?

MARTINEZ: I have a good life, you know. It’s pretty easy to do what I want in this world. You know, when it comes to my personal life, I have tremendous freedom because the things that people are most insecure about usually tend not to last too long anyway. When it comes to work and money matters, you’ve got an entire nation of lawyers who live with the same kind of anxiety as everybody else. And you can’t really compare your day-to-day anxieties with somebody else’s anxieties unless you’re both actually working at the same place at the same time for similar amounts of money under similar circumstances. So there is no real competition between two opposing parties on either side except in terms of public opinion or judgment against them which tends not be very strong even then because one party was bad but now he has changed his mind or she has changed her mind so they’re okay again so much more important than anything else is just trying to get through each day alive and maintain some level of respect among your peers.

GRAYSON: What advice would you give someone entering law school? Well given today’s climate maybe don’t go into law school if there are other alternatives available – well let me rephrase that question – how does one prepare themselves for being successful after graduation?

MARTINEZ: Well having done something that I consider meaningful all my adult life starting out right here in Chicago where my father founded JAMS back

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