What State Of Us Is Best For Lawyers?

A: Most lawyers are much more comfortable in a large firm. The larger the practice, the more people you’ll be able to work with and your income will reflect that. A smaller law office may offer you fewer personal relationships but it also means there is much less overhead—less staff and less rent. So if you want to do pro bono work or part-time legal work at another firm, this is probably not an issue for you. If someone in your family has been practicing for several years and wants to stay on board when they retire, having a job like this would be good for them too! Learn More

Q: What should I look out for?

A: First of all, try not to fall into the trap of expecting any particular type of lawyer’s salary based solely on what others earn. Do take into consideration things such as where that lawyer went to school (a well known school usually pays better than an unknown one), whether he/she has experience doing certain types of cases (elder law vs real estate) and so forth; however don’t let these factors determine what salary range your future employer might ask you in order to hire you unless they have already made up their minds about hiring beginners right away or making sure they’re very experienced before working with someone just starting out – something which many firms feel obligated by state bar ethics rules must disclose upfront!

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