What Is The Best Work For Lawyers?

You might think that the answer to this question is obvious. Lawyers are trained to think about legal problems, so they should be good at coming up with solutions. But many people have trouble answering this question for themselves or others because of a lack of self-knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses—or perhaps an inability to recognize them in other people. For example, I had one client who was very talented in problem solving but did not understand his own strengths; when he tried it on me, my response was “Wow! That’s really impressive—you’re better than you realize! You can do something like that? Can everyone else do that too?! Oh dear…what is wrong with your personality?!” (He thought he was great at coming up with ‘creative ideas.’) Here are some suggestions for how to ask yourself the work/life questions:

• What kind of professional activities make you feel fulfilled? • Which aspects of the tasks involved require decision making (decisiveness), analysis (analysis paralysis), creativity (artistry), strategic thinking, conflict management skills etc.? Are there any elements which prevent you from feeling fulfilled by these tasks? • How much time does each activity take out of every day? How much time would it take out if you were doing all three activities fulltime instead of parttime or only two activities together instead of separately working on weekends and evenings? • Are there any

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