What Is The Best Summer Mens Suit For Lawyers?

Suit – Short-sleeved, single-breasted jacket with two-button closure and peak lapels. Pants – Single or double pleated hounds tooth pattern, plain or lined. Shirts – Plain or striped; white, colored or solid; long sleeve is best for hot weather. Tie – Solid color with no stripes of more than one inch in length (no checkers). Shoes – Dress shoes are the most appropriate but formal dress shoes are also acceptable. Footwear should be clean and polished at all times during court appearances to avoid any embarrassment that might occur due to the appearance of shoeprints on a judge’s bench top. Loafers may not be worn as they can leave an unsightly imprint on a judge’s bench surface if your feet Slide off them when you have become nervous about being questioned by the Judge.. Jewelry – None, except for wedding rings must be removed before entering chambers/courtroom rooms so there would be no distraction within the room itself caused by jewelry chains dangling around necks etc… That same rule applies outside of courtrooms too! As mentioned above ties have been prohibited since World War II because some judges believed that they were provocative unless black tuxedo style ties were worn which made sense then but now especially for younger men who want to look like mature professionals it does not make sense anymore…. The only time I would wear a tie today is if I was wearing something like Dockers trousers which has legs

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