What Is The Best Smart Phone For A Lawyers?

I am a lawyer and I need to buy a smart phone. What is the best one for lawyers? Will it be legal to use in court or at work? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you. – Jana

Smart phones are great tools for attorneys – and many other professionals – but they’re also quite expensive, so we recommend looking at your budget first before deciding on which model you want. If price is an issue, check out our full review of the top cheap Android smartphones to help you choose between those models as well as some more affordable options from Samsung and Apple. Your next question should probably be “which operating system do I prefer?” We cover all things OS-related in this guide: how to choose your smartphone OS (Android vs iOS), what features matter most when choosing an iPhone or Android device, and tips for switching between them if necessary (or just keeping up with both). Regardless of what operating system you plan on using though, we think that the OnePlus 3T is currently our favorite flagship smartphone available right now because it offers blazing-fast performance without any compromises whatsoever, especially compared with its competitors from Samsung/Apple/etc. It’s also relatively inexpensive by today’s standards ($500) while still offering everything that makes a high-end phone worth buying these days: top hardware specs including a Snapdragon 821 chip backed by 6GB RAM & 128GB storage space; amazing camera performance topped off by Google

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