What Is The Best Domain For Lawyers?

” That is not a great question. What is the best domain? It depends on what you want to say about it, who your audience is and how much traffic you get per month or year. You can’t just ask that question, because every lawyer has their own story behind why they got into this business in the first place – finding a name for a law firm can be a very personal decision. Also, finding an appropriate name for your practice area often requires some research to see if there are any other firms using that same word as their title – all of which will influence the decision making process when choosing a domain name for your practice area.

What I have found works well with my clients so far is asking them: “How would you describe yourself as an attorney?” No matter who they are or what kind of law they work in – criminal defense attorneys, tax lawyers or family-law attorneys – everyone shares similar traits. They love their job and love working with people. And one common trait amongst these types of professionals across professions alike was that most were proud to use “Attorney” as their profession title rather than “Lawyer” since it felt more respected and trustworthy by those seeking legal counsel based upon reputation alone versus going through several years of school before even being awarded the title of lawyer…which brings me back to my original point:

A great way I approach client naming decisions now instead of trying to come up with something

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