What Is The Best Ballot Designation For Lawyers?

A: “Lawyer” is the most commonly used designation. Other designations are only available to certain states or are equally acceptable in some jurisdictions but not others. For example, “Attorney at Law” is perfectly acceptable in many areas of the country while it may be seen as too formal in some other areas. Perhaps you should check with your state’s bar association to find out what is preferred for each jurisdiction prior to advertising your services under that designation. A good rule of thumb would be that if a lawyer can practice law anywhere then he/she probably does not need an additional title unless they plan on practicing only within their area of expertise (i.e., tax law).

3) What is the difference between a corporation and limited liability company?

A: The distinction between corporations and LLCs depends on whether or not an individual owns more than 50% of shares issued by the entity or has legal control over management decisions through voting rights held by him/herself versus another person(s). Generally speaking, individuals who own most, but not all, of shares for any given business will have greater control over its affairs than those with smaller ownership interests whereas similarly situated members with little personal interest in running day-to-day operations generally prefer operating as an LLC rather than a corporation because both entities offer significant advantages including lower taxes and less paperwork requirements which translates into greater profits!

4) How do I go about forming my own corporation?

A: There

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