What Is Best Lawyers For Personal Injury In A Car Accident Poconos?

Hi there, my name is Scott and I was in a car accident with one of the other parties. We were both going about 45 mph on deserted country road. I was behind a pickup truck at the time, which veered out of his lane to avoid hitting another car that had stopped to make a turn further up the road. My vehicle collided with his rear bumper and spun around after it rammed into my windshield causing me great pain as well as some minor damage to my front end. The impact threw me forward through the steering wheel but luckily didn’t break anything so I sustained no injuries besides whiplash from being thrown forward towards the dashboard area. He has since called several times threatening legal action against me stating he believes I’m responsible for causing him personal injury due to negligence on my part by swerving into his path before colliding with him or that if he isn’t able enough financially then maybe they will take advantage of this situation against him since they seem like “intimidating people” . Does anyone know an attorney who can help me find out whether it’s possible for them to sue over this type of incident? How much would it cost if they decided to do so? Are there any laws protecting somebody like myself or you etc.? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you very much!! – Scott

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