What College Is Best For Lawyers?

” or “what college is best for my daughter?” The answer to this question does not change.

The most common college rankings are published by U.S News and World Report, Forbes Magazine, Peterson’s, the Wall Street Journal and others. Many of these rankings focus on reputation rather than performance (many fail even to mention that data exists at all).

Forbes Magazine scores colleges based upon the number of people who apply — they rank schools in terms of how many applications they receive each year from a given region/state. This ranking system ignores the fact that high school seniors applying to a top-performing school might have very different academic abilities from those applying to a lesser known but equally good program. If you want your children accepted into a top 100 law school where admission is highly competitive(and you can afford it), then go with one whose acceptance rate is high enough so as not to be too low relative to its overall applicant pool. In other words, if Harvard Law School has an acceptance rate around 30%, which would make it an afterthought in comparison with Stanford Law School’s 62% acceptance rate, then going there will likely mean your child will get less exposure and won’t get noticed by many future employers compared with going elsewhere where he/she stands out among peers because of his/her GPA or LSAT score or both! Please note: A top ranked law school without sufficient demand may actually harm your chances for success since students admitted there

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