What Are The Best Tv Shows For Lawyers?

I’ve been watching the following shows recently. The ones that I like are in bold.

Bates Motel (A&E) This is a good show for anyone who likes psychological thrillers. A pre-teen girl becomes romantically involved with her father’s creepy, but charismatic friend Norman Bates, while her mother takes on an increasingly menacing role as she tries to protect them both from danger. She didn’t fit into our family so we had to drop it after two episodes but everyone else watched the whole season and said they liked it so there must be something there! At any rate worth checking out! It looks even better if you can catch up on past seasons of “Psycho II & Psycho III”

Bloodline (Netflix) Here is another drama that has started off slow but may pick up enough steam for me to finish watching it by the end of the year. Based around a dysfunctional family of brothers and their mother this show delves deep into all of their secrets making us wonder what would make us keep certain things buried within ourselves? Is every one hiding something dark or does each person have some redeeming qualities? Will one brother finally take responsibility for his actions? We shall see…..

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