What Are The Best College Majors For Lawyers?

The legal field has many job opportunities for people who have a passion for justice. You can either choose to earn your law degree online, through an accredited college or university, or find other ways to learn the skills you need in order to become a lawyer. If you’re looking at colleges that offer law programs, make sure they are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA is recognized as the national authority on accreditation and certifications of educational institutions offering legal training.

ABA-accredited graduates receive their Juris Doctor (L.L.B., J.D.) degree from one of three tiers: 1) “Foreign Qualified” students; 2) U.S.-based Law School graduates who passed both bar exams but did not pursue further legal education; 3) “Domestic Qualified” applicants with undergraduate degrees that include courses in civil procedure, criminal law and torts, contract law and evidence/trial advocacy*. When choosing which tier to apply under, there’s no advantage between applying under all three categories until you’ve completed your first year of study.*

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