The Best Lawyers To Ask Advice For Dui?

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On the one hand, this is a very short-sighted and narrow-minded approach to addressing an issue that will be with us for decades. On the other hand, it might actually work against them – if people stop doing stupid things like driving while stoned because they think it’ll save them from getting caught and then regretting it later (and having to deal with all of its ramifications), then we’re talking about a huge potential life change here: changing behavior patterns which are hard enough to alter without any sort of incentive at all!

It seems like there should be some middle ground between “ban everything except marijuana for everybody under 21 years old or something similar” and “get out your checkbook and hire the best lawyers you can afford.” I have no idea what that should look like but I do know that every time somebody makes another argument along these lines, it just gets harder not to feel as though they should just throw up their hands in defeat before even trying…

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