The Best Lawyers For Bridgeview, Il Courthouse?

The Kroll Bond Rating Agency just issued a warning that the city’s infrastructure is at risk of failing without immediate action.

Why? Here are five reasons:

1) The future will see a lot more cars, and not enough parking spaces for them to park in. In fact, by 2035 there could be as many as 26 million vehicles on Chicago streets! 1-2 Million new households have been built since 2000 alone – with even more being built right now – but no effort has been made to encourage people to ride bikes or take mass transit instead of driving around looking for parking places everywhere they go. And those who do drive tend to put their cars into high daily use, which means less time available each day to actually park somewhere… 2) More People = Bigger Traffic Congestion 3) The Bridges Are Being Siphoned Off To Pay For Other City Services 4) The Streets Are Getting Less Paved 5) We Don’t Have Enough Parking Spots… It seems like we can find plenty of land near our homes to build houses on, but finding enough space for all the parked cars seems impossible! How will this problem ever get solved if we don’t start making some major changes? I really believe that improving roadways and bridges would help us save valuable farmland from development and help us preserve valuable habitat along Lake Michigan shorelines too – without having an impact on local traffic flow (and car emissions). So how much would

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