The Best Law School For Entertainment Lawyers?

A: It depends on what you value. A degree from an entertainment law school can provide a lot of benefits. But it is not necessarily the best place for lawyers who want to practice entertainment law, especially if they don’t have any experience in entertainment law or know anything about the industry. The best way to learn these things is by working with clients and other lawyers who are doing work that will let them get hands-on experience with their specialty areas of focus through actual cases and real clients rather than just reading books like this one. This book provides some insight into the type of information you’ll see on your bar exam; it won’t cover everything, but it should give you enough info to start getting answers to questions like “What do I need to know?” And even if you aren’t sure exactly where your career will lead, knowing a little bit more about what’s going on now might help guide your decisions as you move forward during those tough years when there isn’t much money coming in so that may be when people decide they have “to grow up fast.”

Q: What was the most unusual case/client/litigation issue ever handled by an attorney at SAG?

A: I worked as a lawyer representing talent unions (SAG-AFTRA) for many years before joining SAG Legal Services as Chief Counsel several years ago—I worked for both groups side-by-side—and honestly, those were pretty standard union representation issues. So

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