The Best Gifts For Lawyers?

and more and better and different than we ever hoped it would be.

We think that this is a gift not just to the lawyers but to all of us, both here in Seattle and around the world. We also believe that this new technology will change our lives — indeed, revolutionize them — for the better.

The problem with so many technological revolutions is that they get hijacked by corporations or governments who play fast-and-loose with people’s lives without giving any thought about how those changes might affect their customers. But the Bitcoin protocol was designed from day one to be decentralized: nobody controls it and no single entity has total power over it (that makes every Bitcoin transaction public). It’s like an Internet startup: great idea, but if some company gets too big for its britches it could screw things up pretty badly. So we want Bitcoin businesses — companies like Kraken — to stick around forever; we don’t want one of these startups taking over Bitcoin (which means buying out other entrepreneurs) or starting wars on Earth between nation states (which means killing people) because they saw something shiny on TV while eating Cheetos after watching Fox News…

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