The Best Colleges And Universities For Lawyers?

In the current year, a total of 711 law schools are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Rankings for the 2010-2011 academic year were based on data from the National Jurist College Admissions Statistics Reports. In addition to looking at students’ standardized test scores and grades in their courses, these reports also take account of graduate employment statistics after graduation and median starting salaries for recent graduates.

The following law schools placed among this year’s top 10: University of San Diego (5), Boston College Law School (7), New York University School of Law (8) and Michigan State University College of Law (9). These ten institutions were ranked ahead of such well-known notables as Stanford University; William & Mary; Emory Law School; Georgetown University; Duke University; Vanderbilt, Harvard or Yale Universities – if they had been included in this ranking system they would have occupied spots 1 through 9 respectively. Not surprisingly, most state universities with ABA accreditation place in the top 25 while only seven Ivy League colleges made it into this list: Cornell U., Harvard U., Princeton U.; Columbia Unviersity and Penn State combined for 12th spot in the rankings with three others coming close behind: Northwestern Universiy is 13th followed by Washington Univirionis 14 th placing Drexel Uniiversity 20 th . Tufts was 21 st , UCLA 22 nd , UC Berkeley 23 rd . Brigham Young is 24 th , Notre Dame 27 th , NYU 28 th

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