The Best Bowling Green Lawyers For Personal Liens?

How can i get a lien for my house?

I want to file an eviction notice against my husband because he won’t pay the rent. Is there any way to do this without filing in court? I need him out of our house by next week. He is not paying the bills, doesn’t work, and refuses to move out! Can you help me with this?? How do I file for an eviction order without having to go through the process of filing a lawsuit or judge?What are some ways that I can get someone evicted from their home if they don’t pay alimony/child support?I have filed paperwork with the county clerk’s office requesting child support payments be sent directly into my bank account so that it will automatically deduct money monthly from his check every month. The problem is that he has another family member who lives off his money as well. This other person claims she has no idea how often her food stamps are being taken out of his check but she always gets paid on time every month for herself and her daughter….so now what should i do??? What rights does this other person have over these funds now that all 3 people live off one income instead of 3 separate ones???? Please help me understand!!!!!!My son was arrested last year on felony domestic battery charges after injuring his girlfriend during a fight at their home. We hired an attorney, who refused to accept responsibility or negotiate anything less than $20k cash up front before we would even talk

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