The Best Books For Trial Lawyers?

a) A good book is a good book. The best are often the most expensive, but you can’t go wrong with any of these fine titles: Good to Great by Jim Collins; Getting It Wrong by Ed Klein; Once Upon a Time in America by Mario Puzo; Proof Positiveby John Grisham.

b) Check out your local library for “Literary Studies” sections or ask your librarian. You’ll find many fine books there on books that have shaped the lives of trial lawyers and judges alike. I’ve listed some favorites here in my reading section at www.lawyerscoachingcenter .com/readinglist/.

Michele Tafoya, Esq., MBA ’04 is an associate attorney at Walker & Thomas LLP in New York City where she works primarily on commercial litigation matters with clients including banks, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies across various industries throughout the United States and abroad through international law firms based out of London, Paris, Madrid & Geneva as well as domestic counsels located throughout the United States.

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