The Best 34 Inch Monitor For Lawyers?

I’m looking for a good 34 inch monitor to use as my primary screen, which also would be great for making presentations. The reason I want something bigger is that I have dual monitors and since I am moving around the office quite a bit it only makes sense to have one main screen to view documents and other things on. Is there any specific price or size of this product that works well?

A: It really depends on your needs. If you need something smaller than 34 inches, look at Dell’s U3415W which has an IPS panel with high resolution (1920×1080). You can get it online for under $600 if you shop around. For me personally, having two monitors is overkill so the Dell was not really the best option but it might work out better for someone else who does not utilize multiple screens as much as we do here at JMD Legal Consultants LLC.

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