States With The Best Reciprocity For Lawyers?

A: The foreign jurisdictions with the best reciprocity for lawyers are ascending. They have been going up fast in the last few years, and they’re all on a similar trajectory. New Zealand is probably ahead of its developed peers because it has a pretty well established bar association system that links the various professional bodies into one entity that governs everything from training to disciplinary matters. In Singapore, there’s also an overarching regulatory agency—the Singapore Legal Service Authority—that sets standards and regulation across a wide swath of legal practice. Many other countries have something like this as well, but none quite as comprehensive or effective as what exists in Singapore or New Zealand.

Q: How does your analysis compare between individual states? Which ones offer better-than-average terms? Is there any state where you recommend against selecting representation based on reciprocity alone?

A: The results depend entirely upon which jurisdiction we look at; if we were looking at just Massachusetts versus California our results would be very different than if we were looking at all 50 states together (which wouldn’t be fair since both Canada and Australia don’t include Maine). If I had to pick only one place to work right now, I think Massachusetts would win out simply because it’s so much easier to get licensed there than anywhere else in America (even though California is also extremely easy), plus rates tend to run higher over time when you’re working longer hours (we find that every state except Nevada tends to underpay

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