Seo Best Practices For Lawyers?

What about best practices for lawyers running a blog that is not specific to their practice area?

In the time since I’ve been on Lawyerist, we’ve seen many new blogs come and go. It’s a testament to how much good writing there is out there in cyberspace. But while so many of these blogs have some value, they often fail to live up to their potential because they don’t take advantage of all the tools available through WordPress or or Facebook’s Open Graph (which I’ll talk more about later). When you build something that will be around 20 years from now, it should include every possible way people can consume your content — including social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn where most lawyer-bloggers tend not use them very frequently. So let’s look at four ways you can help boost your search engine presence:Make sure your name and logo are displayed prominently on all pages of your site: For example, if you’re using my company as an example here today (and why wouldn’t you?) make sure “Pamela Horwitz” appears in the upper right hand corner on every page when someone visits us online! This helps Google identify our site when someone searches for “lawyers,” which is great because then we get ranked higher than other sites with similar names such as “John Doe Attorney.” If this sounds obvious but you’re still reading this section anyway, ask yourself what would happen if just five percent of visitors didn’t

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