Seattle Best Lounge For Lawyers?

as some of you know, i am a lawyer. and as such, i spend more time at coffee shops than most people think. the problem with this is that some of those coffee shops are not particularly nice or comfortable places to be when spending hours in them without getting any work done. so it may surprise you to learn that for the past few weeks, i have been working from our home office instead of my usual haunt, CB’s cafe on the corner of Broadway and Pine Street (which incidentally has lost its better part lately).

i figured out pretty quickly that what was good enough for my clients would also be good enough for me. since we don’t generally do anything too complicated at home during business hours (unlike many lawyers), finding something small but efficient where i could manage all my tasks comfortably was rather simple. one place came to mind almost immediately: Best Lounge Cafe in Capitol Hill…

having lived in this area before moving back here last year after living abroad for years, i found myself gravitating toward Capitol Hill much more often than I had previously realized….just walking around looking up at all the old buildings just made me feel like I was seeing another era in Seattle history being preserved nearly unchanged….it really is amazing!

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