Reviews For The Best Indiana Lawyers For Grandparents Rights?

Indiana’s grandparents’ rights laws are based on the principle that children of a marriage have a right to live with their parents. In addition, if one parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child, another family member may be able to help. The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that grandchildren receive equal protection under the law and deserve “the same level of concern as other persons.” However, it also requires them to demonstrate a need for replacement grandparental care before they can seek legal relief on behalf of themselves. It does not matter whether there were prior efforts by one or both grandparents to raise this child; only those who now feel an urgent need for assistance can bring suit against an unfit grandparent in court.

Grandparents’ Rights Suit Requirements: A Family Lawsuit from Your Attorneys at Madden Stewart & Karpinski LLC

In order for you as a grandchild to sue your estranged parent over custody rights, you must first show: (1) physical and emotional neglect; (2) willful refusal or inability by your parent(s) to provide adequate food and shelter; (3) conduct which makes life intolerable; and (4) no reasonable alternative exists among available relatives/friends/stakeholders – including local social service providers like daycare centers — whom you could reasonably rely upon for support services such as food resupply. If these four factors exist, then your petition will likely succeed without resorting to litigation in civil courts.

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