Reddit Best Legal Books For Non Lawyers?

Some people think it goes without saying that the law is an absolute necessity for every lawyer, but to be honest, lawyers can get by just fine without knowing much about the law. Many years ago I was a public defender and felt exactly the same way. The reality is that you’re not going to need any legal knowledge whatsoever in your career as a trial attorney: You’ll probably spend most of your time on non-legal issues like recruiting and managing cases or working with clients and collecting evidence. You may even work with an attorney once in awhile who has no idea what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to legal matters — so don’t worry too much if you never have cause to use this book! But there are some books out there worth reading if you want more insight into how our system works at its most fundamental level—so here are my top three picks for books on civil procedure (a necessary foundation for all other areas of litigation).

1) Civil Procedure by Laurence H. Tribe, Richard A Posner & Ruth Bader Ginsburg And over 4th edition By Gerald Lefcourt This is one of those rare “required” texts that every lawyer should read before taking his first bar exam…the only problem is that many people find it dry as hell! I understand why they might feel this way because Mr. Tribe tends toward abstraction rather than concrete language; but believe me when I say this book will change your life forever…you won’t know whether

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