Best State For Lawyers?

The state of Illinois is the best state in which to practice law. The median salary for a mid-career lawyer there was $107,000 in 2017, according to PayScale’s analysis. Pennsylvania came in second place with a median pay of $104,000 and California ranked third at an average of about $103,700 per year. To determine where… Continue reading Best State For Lawyers?

Best Briefcase For Lawyers?

The large, sturdy rolodex? The simple leather folio for files and documents? Or the trendy messenger bag that is easily carried over shoulder but not too heavy to lug around all day? I have found that what you are looking for can have a significant impact on your choice. For example, when I was in… Continue reading Best Briefcase For Lawyers?

Best Briefcases For Lawyers?

How many times have you found yourself in a tight spot, and wished for a briefcase that could fit everything you needed? Well, look no further: this Briefcase is exactly what you need. It has plenty of room to hold all your essentials. And because it’s made from waterproof material, there’s nothing that will get… Continue reading Best Briefcases For Lawyers?

Best Laptop For Lawyers?

If you want a laptop that will last, and still be able to get all of your work done with no issues, then this is the one for you. It might look like it’s not going to stand up well against friends or colleagues who are using other laptops on their desks, but they won’t… Continue reading Best Laptop For Lawyers?

Best States For Lawyers?

Quality of life. It’s not just the weather, it’s how much fun you can have in your spare time. The average salary for lawyers is $100,000 with bonuses and perks that could push that up into the $150,000 territory with some very fortunate individuals. For example, Mike Tyson has an income of around $100 million… Continue reading Best States For Lawyers?

Best Cities For Lawyers?

The answer isn’t all that different from the national one. The best cities for lawyers include such places as San Diego, Boston and Seattle—all in California; New York City; Washington D.C.; Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas; Austin, Texas; Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota; Columbus, Ohio (and no city with “attorney” in its name); Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. How about the… Continue reading Best Cities For Lawyers?

Best Books For Lawyers?

If you’re like me, the only books I remember my high school English teacher reading are “Catcher in the Rye” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” As they were required reading for us at the time, most of us probably read them with minimal understanding. Or maybe we did understand them but didn’t care. Unfortunately that… Continue reading Best Books For Lawyers?