Nominate Attorney For Best Lawyers In America?

As far as I can tell, that’s impossible. The way it works is that your lawyer will ask you to list the names of people who should be nominated for best lawyers in america.

If at least 20% of those people actually end up being nominated (and only 1 person gets elected), then you won’t win! That would make all other nominees losers. This makes sense because if everyone nominated was a good lawyer, they would all be winners, and there wouldn’t need to be any elections since there could never be more than one winner anyway (just like with presidential elections). But if enough people didn’t nominate anyone, or just randomly picked some random person off the street without having met them personally, then someone might get lucky and “win” by an accident of chance alone. In this case nobody wins! So how can anyone possibly change this rule? And why does it have to do with best lawyer in america? It doesn’t seem very logical or fair…

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