New Jersey’S Best Lawyers For Families?

The children’s lawyers at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCS) represent parents who have lost their children through divorce, custody battles or separation. AFCS is a not-for-profit organization that provides information and legal services to families in need of help. The Association also offers training for family court employees and community groups teaching them how to work with difficult cases involving domestic violence, child abuse or parental alienation.

Who can join? If you believe your case may qualify for representation by an attorney at the AFCS, you must live in New Jersey and meet one of three requirements: You must be involved in a custody dispute over your child(ren), involving at least two parties; You must be experiencing domestic violence; or Your parent(s) is/are incarcerated without the option of seeing their children on weekends during school year. Both parents named as defendants will automatically receive free membership into AFCS unless they specifically opt out before getting served with court papers. Membership also includes access to educational programs offered throughout the state by AFCS staff members who are experts in family law including mediation skills, parenting education curriculum development, child advocacy workshops, specialized litigation support training classes for judges & other attorneys working within our system, conferences about issues affecting fathers’ rights & reunification services for separated families living near each other where both parents continue to reside but no longer cohabitate together legally.

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