New Jersey Lawyers Best For Guns And Drugs?

We don’t know if it’s an accident, we don’t know if it’s a tragedy. But I do think we need to look at what happened in Connecticut and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. And the only way you can do this is by tightening up our gun laws and making sure that people who should not have guns get them taken away from them before they end up killing themselves or somebody else.

LEMON: What about Jim?

BORGER: Well, like everybody else, like everybody said here on CNN tonight with regards to mental illness in general, there is no such thing as being mentally healthy or mentally ill. There are just some people who have had different experiences than others throughout their lives. And sometimes those experiences lead them to be violent and dangerous individuals but most of us aren’t going around shooting people randomly because we’re crazy out there every day of the week. It is a very serious issue for society but let me say one other thing that Chris did mention which I thought was really interesting because he mentioned drug problems affecting these young men who eventually go on these rampages. In my book “Saving Graces,” I write about how drugs continue to affect more Americans every year including teenagers than ever before according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse — Don Rumsfeld alluded earlier this evening saying too many young kids are hooked on hard drugs while they still live at home with mommy and daddy…


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