Massachusetts Best Lawyers For Cannabis Related Issue?

People who are arrested for possession of marijuana in Massachusetts will be prosecuted under the criminal statute, rather than the civil statute. The punishment is imprisonment of no more than six months and/or a fine of up to $500 dollars. If you get convicted, there are ways that you can challenge your conviction or seek an acquittal on appeal. You should always consult with an attorney about any potential defense strategy before making any decision regarding your case. I am happy to discuss these issues with my clients free of charge so that they can make informed decisions about their cases while still protecting their rights. I frequently handle motions including: post-conviction relief (where appropriate); suppression (to exclude illegally obtained evidence) and suppression (of self-incriminating statements made by my client during police questioning).

Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Lawyer – Boston , MA – Is it better for someone charged with Possession Of Marijuana To Plead Guilty? Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal LawyerBostonMassachusettsMay 14th 2018 at 9:00 AMWhen getting charged with anything, whether its theft or drug related charges, many people simply want to avoid jail time but some cannot afford hiring a lawyer because they do not have much money saved up or if they already owe large sums as well as unpaid debts such as rent….More

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