Law Books For Lawyers Best Ones?

I have a lot of books on my shelf that I will never read. I know this for a fact because there is no way in hell that if I picked up any one of those books and started reading it, within the first 10 pages I would be able to remember what it was all about. So why do they sit there? Why don’t you throw them out? Because maybe someday one day you will need some kind of reference material. Maybe someday you are going to work with someone who has written an article or done something that requires your knowledge; then by God, you better commit their information into memory! Maybe someday when the children become adults and marry (not likely) and start families (probably not), they may want copies of your favorite stories for their grandchildren. So save yourselves time and frustration by getting actual good stuff like “Upstairs, Downstairs” or how about “How To Dress Well”? There’s nothing wrong with having lots more than just 1 book shelf even though most people can’t handle too much clutter in their lives let alone their homes but at least take care of the ones that are important enough to keep around especially if they help make your life easier or perhaps literally save your life from becoming boring as shit!

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