Identify The Word The Best Describes The Underlined Word For Questions 11–20 The Lawyers?

11. The __________ are the laws governing how people who are not lawyers practice law.

12. What was the most important part of this case?

13. What is a legal issue that can be decided by two judges, each holding one side of an imaginary line called the _____ ?

14. One judge decides all cases involving what kind of discrimination?

15. Lawyers have to prove their point with evidence, but if they don’t have any evidence or witnesses, they still get to argue their case in court because there is another person who listens to both sides and makes a decision for them based on his/her judgment . Who is this other person?

16. Which party provides the evidence in trials for points for points only?

17. A lawyer can make you believe anything when he talks about facts; however, he cannot make you believe something unless it really happened because we live in a society where we base our beliefs on fact and truth . Who do we rely on in making decisions like these: (a) I am going out with her; (b) He scares me; (c) She likes me; (d) This car has great gas mileage; etc.? [This question involves reasoning.]18-20 Why would someone choose to listen to opposing arguments instead of just believing what s/he wants without hearing them out first? [The reason why some people refuse to consider all sides before deciding is

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