Identify The Word That Best Describes The Underlined Word For Questions 11 Through 20 The Lawyers?


a. evidence

b. warrant

c. opinion

d. testimony

12. The first two questions are concerned with the process of jury selection in a trial, for which jury trials are appropriate because? (I) Both sides have equal access to all witnesses and evidence that is relevant to prove their case or disprove the other side’s case.(II) Only one party has access to witnesses but not all of their testimony.(III) No parties have equal access to witnesses during the trial.?(A) I only(B) II only(C) III only(D) I and IIonly 13 . Which statement about jurors’ beliefs best characterizes how juror bias might influence deliberations? (I )Jurors believe they will not be able to make up their minds on any issues before them unless they deliberate at length.(II)(A ) Jurors expect that deliberation should last several months or more apart from prior discussions among themselves as jurors.(B ) They expect that deliberations will occur over time without much discussion among themselves as jurors 14 . Asking judges whether attorneys “have agreed” on certain terms can result in what type of question? (I)(A ) A question defining an agreement between attorneys who disagree on something important, such as expert opinions.(B ) An argumentative inquiry into whether there were actual agreements between counsel regarding disputed facts 15 . Which judge would most likely use this procedure when asking questions during voir dire

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