How To Find Lawyers With Best Track Records Against Auto Ins Companies For Totaled Vehicles?

I got hit in the back of my car by a big truck while it was parked in an apartment complex parking lot. I had no idea this would happen, but I’m sure glad that it did!

My car is totaled, and I want to know how much money can be recovered through auto insurance companies for paying out on these kinds of claims? A neighbor told me something about suing the company that owned the truck. Is there any truth to that at all? What do you think they will pay if anything? Thanks for your help!

I just got rear ended by another driver who kept driving even after hitting my vehicle. My boyfriend called his insurance provider and filed a claim with them. The person we spoke with said it would take four weeks before we get our settlement check because of how many other claims are pending at their agency which handles claims from all over California…………What exactly does this mean………why am I waiting so long to receive my cash settlement????? How long should i wait for this check…..Is anyone else getting impatient or fed up w/ this process?? HELP!!!!!! JENNIFER IS THE PERSON WE SPOKE WITH AT THE INSURANCE AGENCY AND SHE WAS VERY NICE BUT NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!! We NEED TO KNOW WHAT TIME IT WILL BE DELIVERED TO OUR HOME!!! PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS PROCESS….PLEASE CONTACT ME @ [email

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