Funny T-Shirts For Lawyers In My World The Best Players Sit On The Bench?

I have been a lawyer for almost six years and love it. The only thing that makes me want to change is that I wish there were more women in the field.”

For people who have worked in the legal profession, particularly lawyers who have been working at their firms for many years, being a partner can seem like an impossible dream. While remaining optimistic about opportunities for advancement within law firms, some lawyers aspire to become partners or general counsel (G-Counsel) of their respective firm; others simply want to make money and enjoy success while practicing law; other attorneys are looking to transition into non-legal professions but still feel pressured by their peers’ expectations that they will stay on the path of becoming partners, G-Counsels or both. Despite this pressure from peers and culture at large, many lawyers leave employment after attaining partnership status due to one reason: burnout. Burnout arises when an individual experiences excessive stress—which may result from overwhelming workloads or feeling unappreciated by colleagues—to such an extent that he/she cannot perform his/her job duties effectively anymore throughout work hours because of exhaustion (Hazan et al., 2004). As noted earlier during this chapter, partnership has become the ultimate goal for most lawyers seeking career satisfaction today because “it represents selflessness given its enormous financial rewards” (Lane & Bloomquist 2013). However, even though achieving partnership seems like a reward in itself regardless of what stage you reach along

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