For What Are Boston Lawyers Louis Brandeis And Samuel Warren Best Known?

for their work on the supreme court, but they had really made their mark in the field of antitrust law. before louis brandeis and samuel warren took office as justices of the supreme court, there was nothing that looked like an antitrust case anywhere in america. for more than 70 years after its founding, i believe it is fair to say that our country lived by a rule known as caveat emptor: if you want to buy something at a store or from a seller or doing business with someone else, let them tell you what they are selling. any information about price or quality should be left up to them; most people trust other people not to cheat them out of money when buying things at stores. this idea—letting consumers make decisions for themselves—was not just common sense; it became one of the core principles of american consumer protection law.

The First Antitrust Cases The first major case under which boston lawyers louis brandeis and samuel warren would distinguish themselves occurred nearly 40 years earlier when an indian named ramsey bros., inc., bought two leading shoe companies in minneapolis during the early 1900’s. even though ramsey bros.’ offer was technically illegal because it violated federal anti-trust laws against monopolization by market power combined with unreasonable restraints on trade (called vertical monopoly), only one man stood up before his bosses who were trying to sell him shoes, water coolers and ice cream machines: dr franklin

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