Best Workers Comp. Lawyers For Carp. Tunel In New Haven Ct??

5.0 out of 5 stars Anonymous – July 17, 2015 I hired Andrew to represent me in my workers comp case when I got hurt working on a construction site in New Haven, Connecticut. He was able to secure the best possible settlement for my injury and he was very easy to work with during the time that we worked together. It was great having someone like him handle this type of claim because he had so much experience with it!

for carpal tunnel surgery 4/5 stars Jim C – March 22, 2015 My wife has been dealing with carpal tunnel pain for almost 15 years now after an accident at work where she fell off ladders while painting floors. After seeing several doctors who were not successful at getting rid of her symptoms she eventually decided to seek treatment through the workers compensation system which ended up being unavoidable since all other options failed until finally coming across Andrew Buchwald who helped us get what amounted $22k worth of surgeries just 6 months later!! His fees are fair and reasonable also his assistants are excellent people too!!!

for back injuries 5/5 stars Kevin S – March 21, 2015 Andrew is amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable about Workers Compensation benefits and knows how to help injured workers get their claims heard by policy makers correctly. When you hire him you don’t have any worries or concerns as everything will be taken care of ! Love talking with him every time our cases come up for review or hearing on them !! Highly recommend anyone needing representation on Workers Comp Claims go

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