Best Word Add Ins For Lawyers?

I know there are a lot of them, but how about:

1. “Witness Statement” — this is a legal term for what you wrote in your own handwriting as an admission or denial of any allegation made against you. It’s the most important document in writing up a case because it takes on the same importance as a witness’ statement to police and/or FBI agents (which they usually write themselves).

2. “Exhibit A” — This is one of my favorites too, although I’m not sure why. Exhibit A can be anything that shows something else (e.g., bank statements, cancelled checks), even if it isn’t relevant to what’s being alleged against you; e.g., if someone says they saw you talking to another person at 9 p.m., then show them your last ATM receipt from 7:30-8:00 p..m.; tell him that proves (to me) that there couldn’t possibly have been anyone with you after 8pm except yourself… etc… etc…

3.”Graphs & Charts” — Then again, maybe not so good for lawyers since graphs and charts tend to make their clients look like idiots! However … I think people should ALWAYS use graphs and charts when possible regardless of whether or not they will help their client’s case! So here goes…. Graphs & Charts can really help by showing where things were happening at different times / locations without having

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