Best Websites For Lawyers?

It’s really easy to have a great website.

So, what are the steps for having your own personal lawyer website? My advice is to follow these five simple steps:

1) Look at lawyers websites that you love. Copy their features and style. Be sure to include keywords in all of your content so that it ranks well organically on Google.

2) Research how to build a good site using WordPress or Drupal (if you don’t know how to code). You can hire someone who knows this stuff if you want, but I think it’s way cheaper and much more fun just starting out yourself! Plus, the whole process will give you tons of experience with building websites! It takes me many hours total each month working on my site (because I’m not amazing at design), but it also gives me something new every day as well as some money toward my legal needs 🙂 This step is optional though; once again, if doing this step isn’t something that sounds like fun for now then skip ahead one section below 🙂 Feel free to come back here later 😉 3) For each piece of content (about both blog posts and case studies), make sure there’s an image/photo used along with textual description about why people should read the post or watch the video. Make sure your photos are high quality too… even small ones will help boost page views! 4) Once everything looks perfect… upload them all into WordPress

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