Best Websites By Lawyers For Lawyers?

The answer is: the law firm search engine.

The Hearsay Bar and The Trowel: An Interview with David Levy, Founder of LegalZoom

According to a 2010 report from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) , the United States has an estimated $2 billion in unmet legal need per year. Even for consumers who qualify for help through government programs such as Medicaid or SSI, access can be limited by cost or other factors such as immigration status or lack of English fluency. LSC reports that 800,000 people every year are forced to represent themselves because they cannot afford counsel. And while some low-income clients do find representation through public defenders offices, court appointed attorneys are often overworked and unable to provide adequate representation during criminal proceedings, especially in matters involving family violence reports the National Center on Poverty Law . While there may not be many free resources available for consumers facing serious legal problems on their own, self-help websites have become popular alternatives among Americans seeking advice on issues ranging from divorce , credit card debt , small business management , wills & estate planning , elder abuse , real estate contracts . Consumers can also find information about how to handle specific types of cases including employment discrimination claims employment litigation disputes etc…

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