Best Website Platform For Lawyers?

The best website platform for lawyers is the latter. It’s not that Lawyers on Demand doesn’t have some great features, it does, but they are just mediocre at best. For example, Lawyers on Demand has a chat feature on their website where you can converse with another lawyer about your case. However, this feature is subpar because of its operating system of text messaging application (iMessage). You need to install the iMessage app onto your device in order to use this feature which defeats the purpose of having a chat function built into your site. Also Trials by Lawyer isn’t even available yet! Their concept seems pretty good and I am excited for them to come out one day but right now they aren’t really anything special compared to other law firm websites like LawGeek or FindLaw.

Is there anything else unique about Lawyers On Demand?

Yes actually there are quite a few things distinctive about Lawyers On Demand besides their lack of reliable support staff and stock photos for attorneys who don’t look like what most people expect an attorney should look like (i.e., middle-aged white men). They offer you instant access to several different types of legal services such as wills & trusts drafting, real estate closing assistance , business formation assistance , commercial litigation assistance , immigration & naturalization services , criminal defense representation , family law matters & divorce help . If you want all these legal services in one place then go check out Lawyers on

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