Best Website For Lawyers?

A: I don’t think so. It’s not an easy question to answer, because there are so many different kinds of websites for lawyers. But I can tell you what’s important to me when searching for a lawyer. And that is the law firm itself must be well-established and have a great reputation in the Virginia legal community. The name on the sign should match up with their website – if it doesn’t then avoid them like the plague! Also, look at how many years they’ve been practicing law together before choosing one to hire as your attorney! How did they get started? What makes this practice/lawyer stand out from all others? Are they known for being active in civic or professional organizations? Do they appear friendly and approachable, even over the phone? Has anyone who has worked there had anything negative to say about them? If yes, why do you feel that way???

Q: Your website looks very nice but I am wondering how much work was put into its design?? Or does it come off looking very nicely designed by someone else?? Is this something you would do yourself without any help from friends or family members??

A: Thank you!! Yes, my husband helped me make most of these pages (I’m actually a web designer myself). We tend to create our own sites using free templates available online or we hire a company such as Wix (, Squarespace (http://squarespace.

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