Best Ways For Lawyers To Advertise?

A: You can post a splash page in your bar association’s Web site and in the directories of all state and federal courts, which also will collect text links. Or you can create a Web site with an e-mail link to your e-mail or (the lawyer must receive permission from the bar before using that domain). Another way is by sending out press releases to member publications such as newspapers and magazines, if they’re interested in covering legal news—and when they do cover it, many lawyers hope for coverage that includes an interview with their law firm or individual members.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I have to say about my business?

A: Yes—you may not advertise anything illegal or immoral; nor may you knowingly misrepresent yourself as being something else than who you are! If you think this sounds like common sense, well . . . it is! While some states have more specific rules about advertising certain products or services, most don’t restrict what attorneys can tell potential clients about their practice areas. And remember that these same guidelines apply to professionals other than attorneys—a chiropractor should be careful only to recommend medical treatment instead of making deceptive claims for adjustments; likewise optometrists shouldn’t claim that glasses are guaranteed vision improvement but should mention that appropriate eyeglasses aren’t necessarily cheap ($700-$1000), nor should plumbers make

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