Best Way For Lawyers In California To Digitally Sign Letters?

My business partner and I want to digitally sign a letter we will send out with the use of an electronic signature. Can we do this in California? If it is not legal, does anyone know what would be the best way to accomplish this?


Yes! You need a certificate of good standing from your state bar. Go online at There are two forms for lawyers—one for lawyers who practice in multiple states (if you wish) or one that only applies if you are practicing in just one state (the latter form may be more convenient). You can find them both by googling “USPAP” + your state name followed by “[form number]” e.g., “USPAP-CA Form 337.” Fill out the form completely, including payment instructions to cover filing fees, if applicable; include any additional documentation you have about yourself or practice area along with supporting documents such as licenses, certifications, etc.; and print off copies if requested so long as they don’t exceed 20 pages per side. Send originals via certified mail return receipt requested back to USCourts@uscourts .gov along with check for $30 payable to US Courts Services Center at Attention: Court Based Services Division within 7 days of receiving email notification that Forms have been accepted for filing unless otherwise instructed on forms provided above (“Fee Waiver Request”). Instructions are

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